The New England Bantam Club is one of the oldest clubs specifically for Bantam chickens and ducks.  Founded in April 1931 under the name of Old Colony Bantam Club of Brockton, the first members, 45 of them, met in the back room of a pet store in Brockton. In October of the same year the name was officially changed to New England Bantam Club and plans were underway for the first show.  At one point in the 50's there were over 275 members in the club.  Membership declined as farms were sold for development in the 1960-80s and by the mid 80’s membership was down to only 60-70 members. However, renewed interest in back yard poultry and club outreach to other New England states has once again expanded membership. Currently, the club has approximately  175 - 200 members and is growing again.
Today the club meets several times a year for a combination of business,  education, and social meetings.  The subject of conversation varies from flock management, hatching, brooding, housing exhibition,  use of medications, and breeding.
We currently have displays at various fairs--Marshfield, Brockton, and Mendon to name a few.
We also hold two shows a year---The Annual Fall Bantam Only show which is always held the Sunday before Thanksgiving in November and our Spring Show which is held the first Sunday of May each year  at which we allow large fowl as well.
In addition, we occasionally hold poultry seminars in the winter months along with the breed shows---all geared to the educational side of the hobby.
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We are happy to report that the troops who are stationed at the armory will be returning from Kosovo at the end of this month all safe and sound.  The down side of this great news is that the armory will be closed for outside rentals until the middle of December.  Therefore the board reluctantly had to decide to cancel the show for this fall as we could not find another show hall.

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